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Radar ppt

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Presentation of Basics of RADAR and its application. Two broad categories of pulsed radar employing Doppler shifts are Moving Target Indicator Radar and Pulse Doppler Radar. The MTI Radar uses low pulse repetition frequency (PRF) to avoid range ambiguities. RADAR (Radio Detection And Ranging) is a way to detect and study far off targets by transmitting a radio pulse in the direction of the target and observing the. Radar. Radio Waves. Electromagnetic Waves. Consist of an electric field and a Radar Frequencies; Higher frequency, smaller antenna; W and K: cloud radars.

Radar Principles & Systems. With your facilitator,. LT Mazat. I. Learning Objectives A. The student will comprehend the basic operation of a simple pulse radar. This animated template shows a radar screen with three dots indicating the radar tracking something. Show real-time, live doppler radar weather maps on your television screens via a simple to maintain PowerPoint, kept up-to-date with.

OF RADAR WORK. 2. Introduction to Radar Systems. 3. Spaceborne imaging radar. 4. Background. Radar – radio detection and ranging. Developed in the early.


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