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Question words

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These are the WH question words (WHy, HoW etc) that we use to make question word questions. This page lists their functions and gives example senyences. English Teachers: If you would like to use this Question Words wall chart in your classroom, then you can purchase a copy here: Question Words Wall Chart and. An interrogative word or question word is a function word used to ask a question, such as what, when, where, who, whom, why, and how. They are sometimes.

Well in reported speech or indirect questions, question words come in the middle of sentences. In these types of sentence, the word order does not change. Nearly all question words in English start with the same two letters – WH. That's why questions with question words are also called WH-questions. Learn how to say Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How in French with this free French audio lesson.

Grammar tips for Common question words in English, English lessons by Gymglish. English grammar exercises and quizzes online. Free exercises on the use of Question Words. Notice the sentences above begin with words highlighted in bold and end with a question mark? These are some of the common questions we.


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